Eastcote Ford

Eastcote Ford is about a mile from the village.  It was not bridged until 1924 and could be a raging torrent and very dangerous in the winter.  This was the ford villagers had to cross on foot to reach their parish church at Hampton-in-Arden until the church was built in 1403.  In the mid  14th century the Rivver Blythe at this point was known as Caldeford Brok - the 'cold ford’; there was a mill nearby.

In good weather the ford looks innocent, but it was hazardous and extremely dangerous in winter: It was not bridged until 1924; until recently there were those who could remember people drowning here.  Now it is hardly noticed as one drives across the bridge.

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Again looking towards Hampton.  The postcard caption (bottom right) reads Coldford.

Looking towards Hampton, looking innocent, 1915