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The Warwick Road north of High Street was called Birmingham Road until the 1930s.  At Wychwood Island at the bottom of the hill it crosses Purnell’s Brook, which formed the boundary between the old manors of Knowle and Longdon, which were eventually combined.  

Between High Street and Wychwood Island the land on both sides of the road belonged to the Knowle Lodge Estate for centuries.  The remains of the spinney, on the left as one travels downhill, were once part of the garden.

The Manor then stretched as far as Malvern Hall, across land once part of the common.  The beautiful elm avenue which lined the road at Copt Heath fell victim to Dutch Elm Disease in the 1970s.

The Wilson Arms, on the corner of Hampton Road, dates from about 1600.  Further down on the same side, the timber-framed Artillery Cottages are 17th century.  The two terraces either side and  Linwood Lodge (the Masonic Hall) are late Victorian.  Beyond Wychwood Island are Longdon Hall Copt Heath Golf Club land, Grove Farm (now converted to housing), Keeper’s Cottage and Henwood Mill.  At the boundary of the old Manor is Malvern Hall, once the seat of the Greswoldes and now St. Martin’s School.


Left: Looking up the hill with Artillery Cottages on the left and Knowle Lodge spinney on the right.  The cottage beyond Artillery Cottages was replaced by the present terrace in the late 19th cent.