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Artillery Cottages

Nos 1587 to 1591 Warwick Road

Artillery Cottages lie between two Victorian terraces below the Wilson Arms.  The upper cottage was built about 1600 and is a rare Midland example of a 'long house' - built on a slope with people living in the upper end and animals in the lower end.  The lower cottage  was added about 1800; they were all restored in 1971.  The three cottages originally had separate names: the bottom one was called Rose Cottage, the middle one Woodbine Cottage and the top one Artillery Cottage, so named because it was occupied by a gunner in the 19th century.  At a later date the whole row became known as Artillery Cottages.  They were restored in 1971.

Artillery Cottages, c.1910, looking down the hill with a Victorian terrace beyond.

Looking up the hill in 1896, with Artillery Cottages on the left.  The cottage beyond was replaced by the present Victorian terrace c. 1900.