Milverton House and Milverton Crescent

On the corner of High Street and Wilsons Road is Milverton House, which dates from about 1560, but which stands on much earlier foundations.  It is the traditional boyhood home of Walter Cook, the founder of the church.  The centre gable facing Warwick Road once had a plaque bearing a date (1383), although its accuracy is not known.

In the 19th century Milverton House was a farmhouse owned by the Knowle Hall Estate.  In 1852 it was purchased by William Berrow, who restored it in the late 19th century, covering the timbering with stucco.  He was the father of Letticia Berrow, who built the Berrow Homes.  The Berrow family never lived in Knowle; they lived at Milverton, near Leamington, after which they named some of the buildings they owned in Knowle.

In 1912 Milverton House became the offices of Samuel Davy & Son, a well-known local firm of estate agents, who restored it again in the 1970s, revealing the wonderful 16th century timbering.

Milverton House in 1890, covered with stucco

Milverton House in the 1970s

Next to Milverton House, just into Wilsons Road is Milverton Crescent, built for William Berrow about 1870 in a distinctive Italianate style.

Milverton Crescent, 1986

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