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Paterson Court (The Old School)

Paterson Court incorporates Knowle Parochial School, built in 1871 by Knowle United Charities at a cost of £508.3s.9d.  The school was built for 200 children, but was soon enlarged.  There are numerous school group photographs and many memories.  It was the main school in Knowle until 1958, when Arden School (now Arden Academy) opened to cater for children over eleven from both Knowle and Dorridge.  The old school remianed in use for children up to eleven until the present primary school was built in Kixley Lane in 1966.

After standing empty for several years and much heart searching about its future the old school was converted into sheltered housing by The Royal British Legion in 1979, and named after Col.onel Paterson, a long-standing past chairman of the Knowle branch.

The old school c. 1960

Paterson Court, 1982